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11 March 2012 @ 10:44 pm
Fan Report || Jin Akanishi Japonicana Concert 03/10/2012  
Below is a view of my day, an opinion of the show, a set list flail run through. Full of little Jin tidbits I noticed. 


Day started off with meeting up with a few AMAZING Jin fans (Nhixxie + An + Yvonne) and touring around Downtown Vancouver. We got delicious Korean food, Japanese dessert, Karaoke-ed, and wandering around stealing Jin posters from sign boards. Oh Jin, the things we do for you~

Went to the concert at almost seven, after meeting up with some other Jin fans (Dee + friend).  We got let into the venue at 7:00PM, but into the concert hall at about 7:30PM. IDK why it took so long but… :P
The concert started with a girl with an amazing voice, but no one knew who she was. >< The audience cheered appropriately after each song but… it wasn’t Jin so no one got into it. Enter 15 minute break.
Then Joesph Vincent came on. Now he is also a good preformer. Funny, good vocals/guitar play, even serenaded a girl with a BSB song. I suggest anyone look him up if you haven’t heard of him! Enter another 15 minute break.

Then. WE GET TO JINS CONCERT. I was in the third row, just off center. A PERFECT view. The security guards were being strict about no pictures (even if they said just no flash photography and no video recordings at the beginning) and I got a warning by an Usher for taking a pic of Joesph Vincent, so I wasn’t risking getting my shit taken from me. Sorry Jin, I love my camera/phone too much. :P

Sun Burns Down - I cannot even get over how much I loved this performance. He danced, he sang, and really brought it to life. Started out at the top of the tiered platform, female dancers surrounding him, looking a bit like dolls. Wearing green khakis, T-shirt with LEATHER jacket and a cute scarf. Song starts, they do jerky moves as Jin nods to the beat, and he starts to sing. HOLY FUUUUCK. He is live and awesome and just. EVERYTHING WAS MAGICAL. Nothing else mattered and I screamed, a lot. He is such an amazing performer it’s not even funny. He came down the stairs, singing like a champ. He moved to the front of the stage for the chorus. And I am not gonna lie, I stared. His face is flawless, his hair looks better in person than half the pictures of it. I like how he wasn’t overly dressed. AND HE WASN’T WEARING A HAT. SO WE ARE HALF THERE PEOPLE!!! He was so into the song that his ear phones fell out multiple times. It happened in other songs too.

Tell me Where - Rocking EVERYTHING. This is my fave song on the album and to see it live was just, fantastic. This song had a total rock feel to it on stage, Jin put his all into belting out the lyrics and just generally being amazing. Full body head bangs. Did dance-acting with his dancers, stellar. Started at the top tier after dancing his way up the stairs after Sun Burns Down. He moves down the tiers and I’m not sure, but I think he might have tripped down the first one, but played it off as an ‘I meant to do that” thing by sliding across the tier and moving down the second. He also said “WHATS UP?” And “WHATS UP VANCOUVERRR?” Of course he got screams as an answer.

Set Love Free - Voice of an angel. Said “set love Free” before he started then, went to top of platform to begin the song. Moved up and down the stage, looking flawless. And his dancers were super good too! All this dancers were so fine its unbelievable. Where does he find these people?! I believe he initiated a room clap? But I might be wrong here. XD 

Body Talk - Before he began he mentioned the next song was one of the favourites from his pervious tour, Body Talk. And I have to say, this LIVE is ten times better than the recording. TBH, I’m not a super fan of this song. I don’t know why, I can appreciate it but it doesn’t move me necessarily? IDK, it was good anyways. And the subtle body wave that I think me and five people noticed. I screamed and got an odd look from my seat mate.

Like You - The glasses came off, to resounding screams and cheers. One finger to the haters, two fingers to the past, high five girl we made it, yeah we made it. Besides the fact that I could see his eyes, and that the perf was amazing I cannot reliably remember much from this song. HIS EYES ARE GORGEOUS THO. Like honestly adorable.

Pindom - Possibly the most enthusiastic song in the first half. I haven’t heard this song too much so I was a bit confused until the chorus started. XD Glasses go back on, and Jin gets into it. Like really into it. Hand up in the air, fist pounding, DANCING. HOLY MAN THE DANCING. THE HIPS THE EVERYTHING. JIN DAMNIT. WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE ME LOVE YOU SO MUCH?! I had the chance to glance around the venue at this time and I noticed in the balcony a sign that said something like “Congratulations on your Marriage!” and I am fairly sure Jin saw because he smiled really suddenly during a chorus. He went from ‘straight face rocker’ to ‘smiley adorable man.’ It was so cute. :3 The dancers also really got into the song, it was quite fun!


That’s what she said - I shall first tell you, that I don’t really like this song. It gives me icky feelings and I hadn’t listened to it all the way through until the concert. It started off with just his female dancers on stage, dressed in tight shimmery body suits with red ribbons. Jin starts singing from back stage, girls start dancing. A little S&M style, super sexily. Um. I didn’t care for it tbh. I mean, seeing it live, well that makes anything better. XDD Seeing Jin sing it > recording. BUT THEN IN THE SECOND VERSE. He came out, glasses on, wearing Jeans and a Jean button up shirt. Holding his cup and Mic in one hand, his iphone recording the crowd in the other. 8DDD I think he was getting back at all the camera’s filming him even though we were told no recording. He drank from up and tossed it into audience… which it missed. XDDD It dropped just before the crowd, but there was a railing preventing people from grabbing it. He also mock checked out his dancers while they were doing the ‘up down’ dance. I screamed, “YOU ARE MARRIED” Which got laughs from the people who heard me. XDDD

Aphrodisiac - I screamed like a banshee when this song came on. Not going to lie. He took his glasses off and UGH. That face. Damn man, DAMN. He started it sitting in a chair on one of the tiers, his dancers dancing with canes and cool hats. He stood up at some point and came to the front. I was jump-jump-jumping up and down through most of the song ((Horseback riding legs came in handy for something!!)) and screaming and singing and being generally the most enthusiastic person in the front. He glanced at me and smiled before moving to the side and going into a chorus again. HOLY SHIT GUYS. JIN SMILED AT ME FOR BEING A CRAZY PERSON. So really guys, if you are in the front, get your groove on! He obviously loves it! It was during this song I clearly noticed his WEDDING RING. Which made me all giddy and screamy. XD It kept drawing my eyes in. Like, I would watch his face but then… SHINY GOLD BAND. XDD It was also during this song I noticed him rubbing his throat a bit. L poor bby. The schedule between LA and Vancouver was tight, no real rest for him. But to me, it didn’t matter. He was still amazing.  

Test Drive - The Jason Derulo part played first, with his male dancers out with racing flags. Then Jin came out and sang. More screams cos, NO GLASSES STILL. It was around this song that I came up with the theory of WHY Jin wears his shades so much during concerts. There is a lyric monitor at the front. During test drive I could see him glancing down at it quite a bit before looking into the audience again. XDD also. CONSTANTLY MESSING HIS HAIR UP. UGH THE POODLE HAIR PRON.

Yellow Gold - T_______________T LOVE. No glasses, no dancers until the endish. Just Jin being. An awesome singer. Im not sure why other people were complaining about him not singing live, I’m fairly certain he did. :P I LOVED THIS SONG. I WISH I COULD WATCH HIM SING IT EVERYDAY.

Oowah - Glasses still off. Lots of Jin waving at the crowd, being properly happy with no glasses. He got the audience to sing the ‘Oowah’ parts of the song and his dancers were happy too. I believe there were some hip rolls? OH WHO AM I KIDDING. THERE WERE HIP ROLLS EVERYWHERE. XD And he accidentally bumped into one of his female dancers and laughed and gave a small sorry bow before going back to singing. HOW IS THIS MAN SO CUTE.

California Rock - IT’S A PARTY MUTHAFUCKA~ This was a really, really rocking song. Jumped until my legs were jelly. Jin danced during the Prophet rap. Glasses went back on and I got incredibly sad when he said it was the last song. But Jin, he rocked it to the max and I loved every bit of it.

Seasons - Before he came out to sing it, the crowd was deafening with screams and encore cheers. Then he came out and talked about how it was one of his Japanese singles called seasons. T____________T The song was so flawless, even if you could tell at some parts his voice/throat were bothering him. BBY REST UP OKAY? Before he left he said ‘thank you’ in Japanese, and byebye and bowed deep as the curtain closed.
And so ended the concert. T___T It was so good I just cannot even.

My only complaint was the length, and the random waits.

Id also like to warn anyone going to future Jin cons to PLEASE respect his wishes of no pics or cams. Or if you take them, take one and stop. Or you WILL get your cam//phone taken from you and made to delete things from it. I had at least 3 people from my section alone that had this happen to them. There was even a girl in the FRONT row videoing him. That is… just a bit rude imo. If you are in the crowd, its not as noticeable but the front is where he can see you. Its kinda a slap in the face to him. ><

That is ALL I have to say! It was amazing and I personally loved it. I went to the You&jin con in June 2010, and while that con was a bit more… extravagant, I found this one to be a little more appropriate for a budding US artist. :3 He interacted with his fans more and made us feel like part of the show. ILU JIN. COME BACK SOON.

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